About Us


 ^Jackson Lab install 2013.


^Our growing customer base allows our fall 2013 installation of our seventh Hermon plant 30,000 gallon tank!


^Say hello to our newest vehicle to be added to the fleet! With this new bobtail truck, we will get the propane to you more efficiently.

Maine Energy Inc. is the oldest energy company in Bangor to be owned and operated by its founding family. In 1932 the company began distributing coal throughout the state of Maine. As heating requirements changed, Maine Energy Inc. has responded by diversifying its products and services to meet market demands. Today 82 years later, Maine Energy has 2 locations – One in Bangor and one in Northport.

We maintain a large fleet of service, delivery and installation vehicles to support our two fuel divisions.
A progressive company, Maine Energy Inc stays current with changes in energy technology and state-of-the-art equipment. We are committed to growth by providing our customers with quality service, technical expertise and a full line of petroleum products; including fuel oils, diesel, kerosene and propane.

Whether your needs are large or small, look to us for all your installation and energy requirements.