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Do you own or operate a commercial enterprise that relies on a fleet of vehicles? If so, are you powering your vehicles with the best possible fuel? Maine Energy Inc. is pleased to serve the Greater Bangor area and beyond’s business community with propane autogas conversion service through Alliance AutoGas. Using propane autogas instead of diesel or gasoline is the best solution for your company, your vehicles, and our community. By making the switch, you will save money, drive green, and buy American.


Why Autogas?

On the fence about switching to propane autogas? Commercial businesses across the country have converted their vehicles to propane autogas for several reasons:

  • Cost
    Propane autogas averages at least $1.00 less per gallon than gasoline. This can significantly lower your company’s fuel costs.
  • Emissions
    Compared to other fuel options, propane autogas produces significantly fewer emissions.
  • Maintenance
    Vehicles and equipment powered by autogas typically require less maintenance, saving you money on service visits and keeping projects on schedule.
  • Production
    Propane autogas is a byproduct of natural gas and oil refining. 90% of autogas used in the United States comes from U.S. refineries.

Autogas Fleet

Convert Your Fleet with Alliance AutoGas

Converting your commercial fleet with Maine Energy and Alliance AutoGas is easy and affordable. The conversion process is designed for maximum efficiency so that your team loses little time on the road. Alliance AutoGas is a one-stop shop to get your vehicles running on clean, economical propane autogas. This turn-key process includes vehicle conversion, on-site fueling, and ongoing safety training and technical support. You’ll be saving money and reducing emissions in no time!

Ready to convert your commercial fleet to propane autogas? Contact the experts at Maine Energy today!