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Heating with Kerosene in Maine

In addition to refined home heating oil, Maine Energy Inc. is pleased to provide the Greater Bangor area and beyond with kerosene heating fuel delivery. Kerosene is a preferred energy option for Maine homeowners with outdoor fuel storage tanks. Kerosene fuel from Maine Energy is always premium quality and always delivered on time.


Why Customers in Maine Heat with Kerosene

If your home or business uses an outdoor storage fuel tank, you’ve likely run into issues with traditional home heating oil during the coldest months. Because of oil’s composition, it begins to thicken when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing. This can jeopardize your family’s safety as well as the integrity of your equipment. The good news is, kerosene is compatible with heating oil equipment, and doesn’t “gel” when temperatures drop.

  • Uninterrupted warmth
    Kerosene resists freezing and can help your heating system run safely and efficiently during the coldest months.
  • Affordable rates
    Some heating oil customers might opt to use an anti-gelling additive to prevent heating oil from freezing in their outdoor tanks. If you choose kerosene instead, you pay one low rate without the need to purchase extra additives.
  • Fast, friendly service
    Kerosene delivery customers receive the same high standards of care that our heating oil and propane customers know and love. Maine Energy Inc. will deliver your kerosene heating fuel promptly and professionally. Not to mention that you can also take advantage of our other heating services!

Choose Maine Energy for your kerosene heating needs to experience the service abilities of a large company with the personal touch of a family-run business. We are ready to help you schedule your next fuel order. Simply give our offices a call or contact us online. Bangor (207) 947-4525 or Northport (207) 338-2444.