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Heating Oil Delivery

Maine Energy Inc. has been serving the home heating oil needs of customers in the Greater Bangor area and beyond for 88 years. We are proud to deliver the highest quality fuel oil at the best possible prices in the region. As the heating needs of our customers have expanded over the years, we have developed our heating oil delivery and fuel services to be convenient, affordable, and most importantly, reliable.


Automatic Oil Delivery

Managing your heating oil deliveries doesn’t have to be a headache! Maine Energy offers automatic fuel delivery to customers in our service area. With automatic oil delivery, you’ll receive your home heating oil based on a custom delivery schedule completely tailored to you. We will deliver your heating oil before you even know you need it!

How It Works

  • We monitor your fuel usage and daily weather conditions
  • We consider specific factors, like heating preference and household size
  • When your tank gets low, our experienced delivery team refill it
  • You get uninterrupted comfort – with no need to pick up the phone!


Take away the fear of running out of oil on a cold winter night and take comfort in knowing that we are here to keep your home safe and warm. Maine Energy follows a weekly schedule to ensure we reach our customers regularly.

Will Call Oil Delivery

If you prefer to place your oil orders as needed, you can order fuel oil from Maine Energy on a will-call basis. View our delivery area to see when we will be delivering oil in your area. Maine Energy recommends that customers order oil when their tank reads ¼ full to avoid running out.

Want to learn more about becoming a home heating oil customer with Maine Energy? Contact us online or call one of our offices at Bangor (207) 947-4525 or Northport (207) 338-2444.