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The Top Choice for Propane Delivery

Looking for reliable propane delivery for your home or business? Maine Energy has been the leading propane supplier to customers across the Greater Bangor area and beyond for years. When you choose us as your propane supplier, you can always trust us to be there when you need us. We deliver premium propane to customers that rely on this super-efficient fuel for heating, hot water, cooking, and so much more.


Why Mainers Choose Propane

There are several reasons why Maine homeowners use propane to power their homes:

  • Propane is versatile
    More than just a home heating source, propane can power essential home appliances like your heating system, water heater, clothes dryer, stove top, generator, or fireplace.
  • Propane is clean
    Propane is a non-toxic fuel that produces minimal emissions.
  • Propane is safe
    Propane is one of the safest energy options in Maine, thanks to safety codes and regulations enforced by the propane industry and the National Fire Protection Association.
  • Propane is efficient
    Propane burns hotter than natural gas or electric, which not only means more warmth during the winter, but more heat for your dollar as well.

Dependable Delivery Service

Keeping your home or business (and the people that live or work in it) safe and warm is our top priority. We take this responsibility seriously, which is why we have implemented several core elements to our propane services to meet the growing needs of our customer community. Our delivery drivers are highly trained to transport your fuel safely and on schedule. Our customer service team is available to answer any and all questions. We have also recently expanded our propane storage capacity to maintain our commitment to uninterrupted propane access for every customer.


Want to schedule your next propane delivery? Make sure you are located within our service area, then give us a call! Bangor (207) 947-4525 orĀ  Northport (207) 338-2444.