Kerosene, Diesel, & Fuel Oil in Maine

Maine Energy, Inc. has been selling fuel oil in Maine, kerosene and both on-road and off-road diesel for over 45 years.  As the energy needs of our customers have changed over the years, we have continued to offer our customers the finest and highest quality products that are available.

All of our petroleum products come from reliable and dependable major energy companies.

Let Maine Energy handle your needs for fuel oil in Maine. Become an automatic fuel oil customer today and let us schedule all your deliveries. Take away the fear of running out of oil on a cold winter night and take comfort in knowing that we are here to meet all your heating needs. Check out our weekly schedule for deliveries in your area.

We have several oil trucks located at both our Bangor and Northport, Maine locations to deliver to you the fuel you need automatically on a scheduled route to your town/city.

Please view our delivery route daily schedule.

Please contact us to sign up as a customer, or call us toll free at either of our locations.