Oil Tank Cleaning

Are you spending more money on heating than you should?

Is your oil burner technician making too many service calls to your home or business to change oil tank filters and perform burner cleanings due to a dirty heating oil tank supply?

 If the answer to either question is YES, then Maine Energy has the solution for you!

The reality of fuel storage is that shelf-life must be taken into consideration. Heating oil that sits for extended periods of time will fall victim to natural degradation and contamination from debris, sludge, water, bacteria, and mold.

Fuel tank cleaning is part of a responsible maintenance program.


Reasons to have your fuel oil tank cleaning:

  • Improve burner efficiency
  • Lower heating costs
  • Lower emissions
  • Remove harmful contaminants that cause premature tank failure
  • Lower heating system maintenance costs


You oil burner heats your home or business. Your burner unit runs smoothly if serviced regularly and your oil filters are changed with each service. But why are your filters filled with black sludge? What is in that tank? What happens when the oil tank won’t flow oil? Your heat is off and it starts to get cold. Why?

It’s because the sludge buildup is excessive and is clogging the bottom of your tank.

Changing an Oil Filter


Heating Oil Tank Service Includes:

  • Ultrasonic Tank
  • Thickness Check
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Fuel Filtering
  • Sludge, Bacteria, Mold, Water, and Debris Removal

Heating Oil Cleaning